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SHIRODHARA (Parishekon head)

SHIRODHARA (Parishekon head)
In shirodhara gently pouring of selected Medicated Oil, Decoctions, Milk, Butter Milk over the forhead. The selection of the liquid depends
upon person’s doshic predominance & constitution. The liquid is poured on the forehead allowing the oil to flow through the scalp & into the hair.
The procedure is done from a specific height (3’-4’) & for a specific time with a continuous & rhythmic flow of oil (dhara).

Headache, Hyper tension, Dandruff, Grey hair, Sleeplessness, Paralysis, Mental disorders, Diseases of eye, Stress, Depression, Lack of confidence, Lack of concentration, Epilepsy, Dementia, Migraine, For relaxation of mind, To improve the function of 5 senses, To improve intelligence.