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Panchkarma Treatment

Panchkarma Treatment


Immerse Yourself with 5000 years old vedic Therapy


Following two types of treatments are mentioned in Ayurveda:

1. Samanchikista:

Various internal medicines are administered for bringing ‘Tridoshas’in equilibrium. This therapy has certain limitations too.

2. Shodhanchikista :

Elimination of vitiated doshas& accumulated wastes from any root of the body by “Panchkarm” therapy.
Panchkarm is a Shodhanchikista - a unique concept of Ayurvedic 
science, which consists of the five processes, namely :

VAMANA (Emesis), VIRECHANA (Purgation), BASTI (Medicated enema), NASYA (Errhine),
RAKTAMOKSHANA (Blood letting)


This therapy is more potent with long lasting effects.

  •     The body is being cleansed at the Cellular level.
  •     It maximizes the metabolism & absorption of nutrients & drugs.
  •     Minimizes drug doses & toxicity.
  •     It also minimizes the reccurance of disease.
  •     It gives easy recovery, sustained relief & inhibits the relapse.

   This therapy is not just for an ill person but a well & healthy person can also get a long, healthy & energetic life by panchkarm.
(Panchkarm treatments are complicated scientific Methods which should always be taken under Well-experienced Ayurvedic Physician only)


VAMANA (Emesis)
Vamana is the process of cleansing out excessive Kaphadosha by preplanned induced vomitting. In this process not only stomach gets evacuated rather every cell of the body gets cleansed.

Diabetes, Asthama, Chronic Cold, Chronic sinusitis
Chronic indigestion, Skin diseases, Food poisoning, Epilepsy, Anorexia, Specific Abdominal disorders & In various Kapha predominant disease…

VIRECHAN (Purgation)
In this technique, there is administration of selective shastrokta Laxatives as per type of the ailment as well as prakritiof a person.

Chronic fever, Skin diseases, Acne, Allergic disorders, Eczema, Psoriasis, Ascites, Arthritis, Jaundice, Infertility, Oligospermia, Hyper Acidity, Worms, Gout & in various Pitta predominant diseases.

BASTI (Medicated Enema)

Basti is a highly useful & complete therapy for the various Vattadisorders.
There are 2 types of enema introduced into the colon through the rectum:
 Oil enema (AnuvasanBasti)
 Decoction enema (AasthapanBasti)

When bastidravya is inserted into the Pakwasay (The main root of vattadosha), its  effect is spread all over the body through appropriate channel.


Chronic constipation, Paralysis, Sciatica, Backache, Gynaec disorders, Infertility, Oligospermia, Arthritis, Heart disease & All types of pains, etc.

NASYA (Errhine)
Instillation of certain medications (oil, ghee, powder, swarasa) through Nose is called Nasya.

Various disease of eye, ear, nose, throat & head, Epilepsy, Insomnia, Hair problems, Headache, Migraine, & To promote the intelligence and memory & mental functions, Mental Disorders.

RAKTAMOKSHAN (Blood letting)
Removal of vitiated blood & toxic elements from the body, with the help of certain instruments & procedures as mentioned in Ayurveda.
Here the procedure described is called Jallokavacharana (Blood letting by leaches).

Leucoderma, Skin diseases, Scabies, Gout, Chronic itching, Skin rashes, Alopecia, Urticaria, Hyper tension, Enlargement of liver & spleen

SHIRODHARA (Parishekon head)
In shirodhara gently pouring of selected Medicated Oil, Decoctions, Milk, Butter Milk over the forhead. The selection of the liquid depends
upon person’s doshic predominance & constitution. The liquid is poured on the forehead allowing the oil to flow through the scalp & into the hair.
The procedure is done from a specific height (3’-4’) & for a specific time with a continuous & rhythmic flow of oil (dhara).

Headache, Hyper tension, Dandruff, Grey hair, Sleeplessness, Paralysis, Mental disorders, Diseases of eye, Stress, Depression, Lack of confidence, Lack of concentration, Epilepsy, Dementia, Migraine, For relaxation of mind, To improve the function of 5 senses, To improve intelligence.


A Leather Cap is fixed around the forehead and medicated lukewarm oil is poured on the head from a certain height & kept for around
53 Min. for VattajRoga
43 min. forPittajRoga
31 min. forKaphajRoga

Diseases of head, Hair problems, Numbness in head, Facial paralysis, Myopia, Mental disorders & For mental relaxation.



Lukewarm medicated ghee is placed around the eyes with the wall of Black gram dough  for 5 – 7 min.
This procedure lubricates the eye.

 Myopia &Hypermetropia, Eye strain, Redness of eyes, Dryness of eye, Watering of eyes, Burning of eyes & Diseases of retina.



Shastishalipindswed also known as Navarakhizhi. This is one of the most important swedan treatment. In this procedure the shastikshali rice is cooked in medicated decoction & Milk, then the bolus of rice is tied in cloth bags (potalis). These potalis are soaked for few minutes in above milk & then applied to the whole body. It is very usefull in chronic Vatta diseases.

Polio myelitis, Muscular dystrophy, Arthritis, Stiffness of body, Paralysis, Cerebral Palsy & To increase vitality.


  • PIZHICHIL (Parishek on whole body)

In Sanskrit Pizhichil means to Squeeze. Pizhichil is a treatment which is  combination of two therapies snehan&swedan. In this procedure Pouring of warm medicated oil by squeezing a piece of cloth (18” x 18”) that is periodically dipped in the warm oil, over the patient’s body. It is a best natural technique for refreshing the body & it improves the vitality & immunity of the person.

Arthritic pain, Physical & sexual weakness, Exhaustion, Stiffness of body, Hypertension & To increase vitality.



PatraPindSwed is also known as an Ela kizhi. In this procedure the body is massaged with the “potalis” (cloth bags) made from fried leaves of medicinal plants after dipping it in warm oil.

Polio myelitis, Paralysis, Nervous disorders, Backache, Frozen shoulder, Arthritis, Fatigue & Various Vatta predominant diseases.



NadiSwedan is the unique form of swedan procedure where steam generated from medicated decoction is applied on the target area with the help of a rubbertube which is joined to the swedanayantra.

Backache, Arthritis, Cervical Spondylitis, It relieves pain &oedema of joints, Removes muscular stiffness, Removes malas of body, Improves joint mobility & blood circulation.



Kati Basti is an Ayurvedic healing treatment in which Poured and pulled of lukewarm medicated oil into the wall of Black gram dough for a fixed duration of time (around 20-30 minutes) over the affected area of lumbar region.

Backache, Sciatica, Spondylitis, Slip disc.


The knee joint is callesjanu sandhi in Sanskrit, hence the neameJanuBasti is given to the procedure perform on the knee joint.The warm medicated oil is kept in the groove of black gram dough over the knee joint for 20-30 minutes at maintained temperature.

Knee pain & Arthritis.



GreevaBasti is the popular and effective treatment for chronic and acute greeva(neck) pain. In this procedure, medicated lukewarm oil is poured in the wall of black gram(urad) dough over the affected cervical region.

Cervical spondylitis, Frozen shoulder &Osteo arthritis.


  • ABHYANG (Massage)

Abhyang(oil massage) is the procedure in which treatment Massaging the whole body with warm medicated oil by scientific method.
This is an only procedure which can be performed everyday in every age. It increases the skin Aura, Strengthens body tissues, Softens the skin, Maintains the over - all Health, Sustains the youth.

Lean & Thin people, Dryness of skin, Insomnia, Obesity (Dry Massage- Udvartana), Loss of apetite, Paralysis, Fatigue, Arthritis, Joint pain, And Pre-treatment for panchkarma.


  • STEAMBATH (BashpaSwedan)

In this procedure, leaves of Medicinal plants are boiled with water in swedanayantra& resulting Vapour is passed on the whole body of the person seated in the steambox.This therapy is performed after specific Massage. It gives lightness & energy to the body.

Paralysis, Arthritic pain, Exhaustion, Neuralgic pain, Stiffness of body, Various  Vatta predominant diseases & Pre-treatment for panchkarm.



Karna Puran is a very effective procedure in Ayurveda where the whole ear canal is filled with lukewarm Medicated oil and kept for 100 Matras duration in each ear.

Tinnitus, Deafness, Earache, Chronic Sinusitis, Facial paralysis, Torticolis.