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Ayurvedic Treatment of Constipation

One should pass stools twice a day, once after getting up from bed and once in the evening. This is more essential for vegetarians because their food contains lot of roughage. Some people, however, evacuate their bowels only once in day, usually in early morning. For them it is normal. They do not suffer from any discomfort because of the non-movement of bowels for the second time.

Apart from the roughage from food, stool contains some metabolic waste products. They come out from the blood. Therefore, even if a man does not take anything, he has to pass stools, because the metabolic process that is going on in his body yields some waste products, which are to be eliminated only through stools. If they are not eliminated, they cause lot of discomfort in the abdomen. There is wind formation, heaviness in the stomach, and loss of appetite. It may also result in headache, sleeplessness and sometime high blood pressure. Some diseases like asthma, bronchitis, chronic cold and tonsillitis are associated with constipation and once the constipation is removed, the disease automatically disappears.

Haritaki, amalaki, aragwadha, patola, katukarohini, castor oil are useful in constipation. Payaphala, danti and trivrit are very effective in sever constipation. Triphala churana, avipattikara churana, abhayarishta, drakshadi avaleha, icchabhedi rasa, ashwakanchuki rasa, sukh virechana vati and trivrit lehya are very effective ayurvedic preparation for constipation.