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Ayurvedic Treatment of TuberculosisAyurvedic Treatment of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is caused by Tubercular bacilli. It primarily affects the lungs. Other organs like the bones, lymph glands and intestines are also affected by the disease. In Ayurveda, this disease is known as Rajayakshma which literally means the kind of diseases.

In Ayurveda, bacilli are the causative agents of the disease. They are considered as secondary factors for its causation. The primary factor is the imbalance of the doshas and vitiation of the tissue elements in the body. Tubercular bacilli are present in the throat of many individuals. They do not all suffer from this disease. As a seed lies dormant without germination in a barren land, similarly tubercular bacilli do not manifest the disease unless the doshas in the body are simultaneously vitiated. For the imbalance of doshas, four factors are very important from ayurvedic point of view, these are 1. Irregularity in the intake of food, 2. Exercise and hard labour more than one’s capacity, 3. Suppression of natural urges, 4. Excessive sexual indulgence.

The patient suffering from tuberculosis loss weight rapidly and gets fever and cough. There is also pain in chest, spitting of mucus containing blood, hoarseness of voice, loss of appetite, headache, body ache and weakness. The patient experiences burning sensation in the sole of the feet and palms. This disease is often characterised by night sweating.

Drakshasava, pippali, vasa, naradiya mahalakshmi vilas, Svarna Vasanta malati Ras and lasuna are the ayurvedic herbs used in tuberculosis.