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Ayurvedic Treatment of SleeplessnessAyurvedic Treatment of Sleeplessness

There are many theories about the factors, which are responsible for sleep. The darkness and silence of night, fatigue and habit some common factors, which cause sleep. A normal healthy person should sleep for about six hours a day. Sleep during the day is prohibited. But people, who because of their professional requirements, remain awake at night and sleep during daytime for a long period. In different stage sometimes people need also daytime sleep. People who suffering from chronic diseases and acute diseases like fever require more sleep. People suffering from indigestion are advices to sleep for about half an hour before taking food.

Among the different age group, children require more sleep than older people. Those who are doing hard physical labor work also require more sleep. Mental work also results in tiredness of the brain cells and this leads to sleep. More mental work and less physical work always create difficulty in sleeping. Apart from normal mental work, anger, worry, emotional stress, anxiety causes sleeplessness (Insomnia). Intake spicy food, stimulating drinks, environmental factors like excessive hot, cold and rain, and side effect of many medicines cause also sleeplessness. Heart diseases, liver and kidneys disorders, high blood pressure, ladies during menopause and people during their old age also fell sleeplessness. People who suffer from insomnia find difficulty to fall asleep, stay asleep and both. They don’t fell refreshed when they wake up.

Bramhi, Vacha, Aswagandha, Jatamansi are effective ayurvedic herbs for sleeplessness(Insomnia). Pipplimula Churan, Swamamakhashik Bhasma, Vatakulantaka Ras, Nidrodaya Ras are very useful ayurvedic formulations for sleeplessness. Shirobasti, Shirodhara and Nasya are effective panchkarma for Insomnia.