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Ayurvedic Treatment of ScurvyAyurvedic Treatment of Scurvy

This disease is cause by the deficiency of vitamin C. Weakness, spongy gums, mucocutaneous hemorrhages, anemia, pain in limbs, especially legs, swelling in some body parts, and some times loss of teeth and ulceration are some symptoms of scurvy. Bleeding occurs form the gums. It may also occur from the capillaries inside the skin. The presence of vitamin C is very necessary for coagulation of the blood. Absence of vitamin C, blood does not coagulate and the capillary walls become weak. They rupture and blood does not stop even after a long period. Excessive boiling of vegetables destroys vitamin C and habituate to this type of food are likely to suffer from this disease.

Triphala Churna, Triphala ghrita, yastimadhu oil, godanti bhasma, chandanasava, sarivadyasava, khadiradi vati, kamadugha ras are the ayurvedic preparations for scurvy. Amalaki, haritaki, yastimadhu, sariva, lodhra, manjistha and musta are very useful in scurvy.