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Ayurvedic Treatment of PilesAyurvedic Treatment of Piles

At times the veins in the anal region, both external and internal, get varicose and this gives rise to the piles. In Ayurveda, this is known as arshas. Chronic constipation, sitting on hard seats, sitting constantly for long time, lack of exercise, obesity and morbidity of the liver are responsible for piles.

Piles are classified into two groups, bleeding piles and dry piles. Patient also becomes anemic. Itching of the anus, wind formation in stomach, loss of appetite and lumbago are associated with this disease. Piles are usually common in pregnancy and elderly people.

Bhallataka, nagakesra, haritaki, aragwadha, chitraka, amalaki, draksha, danti, mulaka and trivrit are useful ayurvedic herbs for piles(hemorrhoids). Abhayarishta, drakshasava, chavyadi ghrita, avipattikara churan, triphala guggulu, arshakutar ras and bhallataka lehya are very effective ayurvedic formulations for piles.