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Ayurvedic Treatment of OedemaAyurvedic Treatment of Oedema

In human body, oedema or non-inflammatory swelling takes place because of several reasons. Liver and kidneys problems, disorders of the heart and anemia are some most important reason of oedema. Pregnancy, chronic lung diseases, thyroid problem, medication such as hypertension and corticosteroids are also some cause for oedema. In all type of oedema, whatever its reason there is an excess of watery fluid accumulation in the cavities or tissues of the body. Oedema can be usually seen round the ankles after you have been standing or standing for long periods. Oedema is always a symptom of an underlying health condition.

Dashmoola haritaki, punarnavasava, Gokshradi guggulu, vasakasava are the ayurvedic formulations for edema. Shilajit, Devadaru, shallaki, guggulu, punarnava, and haritaki are ayurvedic herbs for edema.