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Ayurvedic Treatment of Heart DiAyurvedic Treatment of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a basically clinical syndrome of specific chest pain produced by increased work of the heart. Rest normally relieves it. In most cases, it is embodied in front of the chest and mostly over the sternum. It may spread towards the left or right side of the chest. The pain mostly radiates towards the left side. It may spread to the arms, jaws, neck and upper part of abdomen. Usually the left arms and the left shoulder are affected very often. In Ayurveda it is called Hridroga. It is different types depending upon the specific features of the pain. In vatika pain is acute and of shifting nature. In Pitta it is associated with burning sensation. Khaphaj pain is usually very mild and associated with heaviness, nausea and cough.

It is occurs by the obstruction to the coronary arteries. These are the heart vessels, which pass through the wall of the heart and nourish the heart muscle. The heart muscale spends a huge amount of energy so it needs continual nourishment. It demands a good supply of blood. Any type of the obstruction of these vessels interferes with enough blood flow to the heart muscles. If any reason this blood flow become less then the heart signals its difficulties by pain or discomfort in the chest.

Arjuna ia the best herbs for keep the heart healthy. Arjuna churna, pippalyadi churna, pushkaramooladhya churna, eladi churna, vidangadi kwath, erandamula kwath, dasmuladi kwath are very useful ayurvedic formulations for vataj, pittaj, khaphaj and tridoshaj heart diseases.