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AyurvedicTreatment of Facial ParalysisAyurvedic Treatment of Facial Paralysis

Like other part of the body, the muscles of the face are supplied with nerves, which control their action. These nerves at their outlet from the skull get compressed because of some local inflammation, head or neck tumor, head trauma and stroke. The first sign of facial paralysis is that patient feels the face to be stiff and experience difficulty is moving it. When paralysis set in, the paralyzed side becomes sensationless and motionless. The patient cannot close eyes, and tears come of them. They fell difficulty in drinking and eating food. It can be one or both sides of the face. Usually the lower part of the face is affected.

Mahayogaraja guggulu, maharasnadi kwatha, rasnadi guggulu, dashmoola rasayana are oral ayurvedic treatment for facial paralysis. Nirgundi, eranda, lashuna, rasna, hing, guggulu, masha and bala are useful ayurvedic herbs for this condition. Abhyanga, swedan, nasya are also very effective treatment in facial paralysis. Mahanarayan tail, vishagarbha tail and sindhavadi tail are use for abhyanga.