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Stress and Ayurveda


No matter what the work you are doing, stress is going to interfere it. Now it depends on you, whether you provide a shelter to it in your mind or you wave it a bye. As it is said, it’s not the stress that’s the problem, it’s how you respond to it. Little amount of stress is beneficial too, as it can help you being productive. But taking excessive stress can bury you into depression, can cause relationship problems, eating disorders, and most importantly lead to insomnia. Sarvah Ayurveda’s perspective of dealing with stress through its holistic treatments can pull you out of it and lead you to a happy life.


In the ancient Ayurvedic scripts, stress is referred to as sahasa, written by Charaka Samhitas, one of the oldest medical texts in the world. The samhitas say that sahasa leads to ojahkasya – a down fall of immunity and our body gets prone to many diseases. Ayurveda believes in avoiding the causative factors of any disease rather than finding solution for that disease. Once stress has homed the brain, it’ll have a network throughout your body. Stress has an effect in blood pressure, heart rate and heightens blood sugar levels.


Sarvah Ayurveda says that stress steps in the body to merely invite anxiety, depression and insomnia. Hence, it should be sent off that the doorstep itself. Here are some techniques we use to departure stress:

1. Swedana: It is a simple technique used to release toxins which are deeply seated in the body. This technique relaxes muscles, restores flexibility, clean passages in the body and help you feel relaxed. According to your doshic imbalance and requirements, Sarvah Ayurveda chooses the optimum type of Swedana for you.

2. Abhyanga: It is an Ayurvedic mastery which includes massaging the whole body with oil pre mixed with herbs. The selection of oil is according to your doshic imbalances. The benefits of this therapy are; it improves the blood circulation throughout the body, provides you a soft and moisturized skin and most importantly, offers a good sleep. If it is performed regularly, the affects can be seen within 2 to 3 weeks.

3. Shirodhara: Shirodhara is a stress healing therapy in which liquids like oil are rhythmically poured on the forehead. Other liquids like milk, buttermilk and ghee are also used. The main aim of this ancient Ayurvedic technique is to open the subtle tunnels of the mind.

4. Pizhichil: There is nothing more common that join pain, high blood pressure or diabetes in today’s world. Ayurveda is very helpful in this case. Pizhichil is a therapy which treats joint or muscle pain, diabetes, high blood pressure and neurological disorders. The whole body is exposed to lukewarm medicated herbal oils for about 60 to 90 minutes continued for 1 to 2 weeks. Benefits include putting off wrinkles, protection from ill ness and certain diseases and balancing of vata dosha in the body.

5. Shirovasti: Shirovasti is the brother of Shirodhara. In this process, an object shaped like a cap is placed above our head which is filled with herbal oils. It is then slowly poured on our forehead. This therapy is particularly effective in migraine or headaches, insomnia and stress.

6. Thalam: A treatment used to nourish the brain cells. Sarvah Ayurveda is uses the optimum herbs which are then boiled with medicated oils and a paste is formed which applied on the center of the head. It improves concentration power, clears ear and throat passages and advances memory power.

7. Njavarakizhi: First, medicated oils are applied all over the body, then body is massaged with boluses containing rice cooked in herbal decoctions. These boluses are immersed in a fusion of lukewarm milk and herbal decoctions thus encouraging sudation. Benefits are that it boosts immune system, pacifies aggravated vata dosha and rejuvenates the body.

8. Elakizhi: It is a sweat inducing method. Herbal leaves are first fried with medicated oil and other Ayurvedic ingredients and tied in a bolus. The bolus is dipped into lukewarm oils and then is applied all over the body. This therapy heals the join and muscle pain, also helps in strengthening the muscles and removes dryness of the skin.


A pregnant or lactating woman can’t take the stress management therapies. If a person consumes alcohol or drug should not also take this programme.  Any person with cardiovascular diseases should avoid it too. Meningitis suffering person has to restrain this too. Person having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has to keep away from these therapies.

Sarvah Ayurveda uses its finest ways and ingredients to help you overcome stress at the most affordable price. It’s open for you amidst the lockdown following all government protocols.